Soros on Soros: staying ahead of the curve power and the myth -- Appendix: Selected writings by George Soros DOWNLOAD OPTIONS. Soros on Soros. Staying Ahead of the Curve. Interviews with Byron Wien and Krisztina Koenen. George Soros. Soros on Soros: Staying Ahead of the Curve Financial guru George Soros is one of the most colorful and intriguing Download Excerpts. pdf.

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Available in the National Library of Australia collection. Author: Soros, George; Format: Book; x, p. ; 24 cm. Soros on Soros: Staying Ahead of the Curve and millions of other books are available for .. Get your site here, or download a FREE site Reading App. Soros on Soros book. Read 23 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Soros on Soros interweaves financial theory and personal reminiscenc.

The Theory of Reflexivity , which Soros applies to all areas of human input i.

Yet the concept is so glaringly evident that when I encountered it for the first time in this book — I realized its truth was axiomatic. The situations we need to understand in order to reach our decisions are actually affected by those decisions. There is an innate divergence between the expectations of the people taking part in events and the actual outcome of those events.

Sometimes the divergence is so small that it can be disregarded, but at other times it is so large that it becomes an important factor in determining the course of events. That we, as participants, affect the fundamentals or reality of the situation we are attempting to understand… through just the process of trying to understand it.

It essentially leaves us shooting at a moving target. Variables that we once believed were isolated are in fact tied to us in a two way causative feedback loop — where the observer affects the observed and the observed in return affects the observer.

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Using the lens of Reflexivity, we can start to see and understand instances of this two way interaction constantly occurring in our reality.

Generally the divergence is very small and imperceptible between our understanding and reality. But, occasionally the divergence grows quite large and the disequilibrium will noticeably correct itself.

A good example of this is the housing bubble and subsequent crash of In addition to discussing Reflexivity, Soros on Soros also provides an interesting look at the man himself and what sets him apart as a trader, which is what I assume the majority of readers are most interested in.

The following are some of my favorite insights from the book as well as some of my thoughts on what makes Soros so exceptional.

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They become fragile, as Nassim Taleb would say. Soros, like many greats in their respective fields, transcended any single investment style.

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Open society recognizes that there is a discrepancy; closed society denies it. If scientific theories embodied the ultimate truth, there would be no point in testing them and scientific advance would come to a halt.

People living in open societies do not accept the concept of open society as an ideal worth fighting for.

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It can be seen why this should be so. Open society provides freedom of choice. If it is denied, it is worth fighting for it; but if it is available, it does not suffice—the choices still need to be made.

You can't be just a democrat; you must be a social democrat, a liberal democrat, a Christian democrat, or whatever. That is why democrats always fight among themselves, whereas those who advocate a closed society can remain disciplined and united.

I am opposed only to the kind of nationalism that holds, "it is my country, right or wrong.Amherst, NY: range seeds, — We are available, the download Breast Cancer Prevention and Treatment you are being to integrity instituted about reached. I remember looking at myself with awe, amazed at the speed with which I could react, the wealth of information I could draw on, and the analogies I could apply. Speaking with remarkable candor, he traces his progress from Holocaust survivor to philosophy student, unsuccessful tobacco salesman to the world's most powerful and profitable trader and introduces us to the people and events that helped shape his character and his often controversial views.

This compounds the defects of bureaucracies because the main objective of a bureaucracy is to survive.

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