Evolution according to Darren Shan: human to half-vampire to Vampire Prince. The Saga of Darren Shan book 9: Killers of the Dawn. Outnumbered. Editorial Reviews. Review. Hunters of the DuskThe attention to detail is as great as ever and it Killers of the Dawn (The Saga of Darren Shan, Book 9) by [. Killers of the Dawn is the ninth book in The Saga of Darren Shan by Darren Shan It is also the third book in the Vampire War trilogy. It also continues the events.

Darren Shan Book 9

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The Saga of Darren Shan #9: Killers of the Dawn Killers of the Dawn is the ninth book in The Saga of Darren Shan by Darren Shan. It is also the third book in the. The allies of the night prepare for the final, deadly confrontation. Darren and Mr Crepsley will get more than they bargained for when they come face to face. Killers of the Dawn book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Outnumbered, outsmarted and desperate, the hunters are on the.

I didn't have a watch, but I'd been ticking off the seconds inside my head. About ten minutes or so had passed by my reckoning. We'd moved out of the modern tunnels and were back in the warren of old, damp tunnels. There was still a long way to go plenty of time for the vampaneze to run us down. We came to a junction and Mr. Crepsley took the left turn. Vancha started to follow him, then stopped. When Mr.

Killers of the Dawn

Crepsley returned, Vancha crouched low. He was almost invisible in the darkness of the tunnels. Crepsley said. We might run into a dead end. I'll act as a decoy and go back the way we came. The rest of you try and find an alternative route out. I'll work my way back to you later, if the luck of the vampires is with me.

Crepsley thought about that a moment, then nodded quickly. We rested a moment, than took the right tunnel and pressed on, Harkat now in charge of the vampet Vancha had kidnapped. We moved quickly but carefully, trying not to leave any signs that we'd passed this way.

At the end of the tunnel, we branched off, again to the right. As we entered a fresh stretch of tunnel, Steve coughed loudly. Crepsley was on him in a flash. Crepsley hissed. We marched steadily upward, instinctively navigating the tunnels, wading through water and waste.

I felt terrible, tired and drawn, but I didn't slow down. It must be daylight above ground, or very close to it. Our only hope was to get clear of the tunnels before the vampaneze found us the sunlight should prevent them from pursuing us any further. A short while later, we heard the vampaneze and vampets. They were coming up the tunnels at great speed, not having to worry about stealth. Crepsley dropped back a bit, to check if they were following us, but they didn't seem to have found our trail all of them appeared to have gone after Vancha.

We continued to climb, working our way closer to the surface.

Our pursuers kept passing in and out of earshot. By the sounds they made, they'd realized we weren't following the shortest route back, and had stopped and fanned out in search of us. I guessed that we were at least half an hour from ground level. If they located us anytime soon, we were certainly doomed. The tunnels were as tight as they were dark a lone, well-placed vampet would have no difficulty mowing us down with a rifle or arrow-gun.

We were picking our way over a heap of rubble in a crumbling tunnel when we were eventually spotted. A vampet with a torch entered the tunnel at the far end, picked us out with a strong beam of light, and roared triumphantly. They're here! They " He got no further.

A figure stepped out of the shadows behind him, grabbed his head and twisted sharply, left then right. The vampet dropped to the ground. His assailant paused just long enough to turn off the torch, then hurried over.

I knew without having to see him that it was Vancha. He just got a bit closer to you than the others. Slightly further ahead, we found ourselves in familiar tunnels. We'd explored a vast slice of the city's infrastructure when hunting for the vampaneze, and had been in this section three or four times.

We were no more than six or seven minutes from safety. Crepsley whistled loudly, signaling to Vancha. The Prince swiftly joined us and we pushed on vigorously, finding a new lease on life. We didn't stop to check how many were nearby putting our heads down, we pushed Steve and the vampet in front and ran. The vampaneze weren't long surging after us.

Vancha dropped back and kept them at bay with his shurikens sharp, multi-edged throwing stars that were lethal when thrown by one as experienced as Vancha March. By the hysterical voices, I knew most if not all of the vampaneze and vampets had now converged behind us, but the tunnel we were in ran straight ahead, with hardly any side-tunnels opening out of it. Our enemies weren't able to sneak around and attack us from the side or in front they were forced to follow behind.

As we got closer to street level, the tunnels grew brighter, and my half-vampire eyes quickly adjusted to the dim light. I was now able to see the vampaneze and vampets trailing behind and they were able to see us!

The vampaneze, like vampires, had sworn not to use any missile-firing weapons such as guns or bows, but the vampets weren't limited by that oath. They began firing as soon as they had a clear line of sight, and we had to run doubled-over.

If we'd had to cover a long distance in that uncomfortable crouch, they'd have surely picked us off one by one, but within a minute of them opening fire, we arrived at a steel ladder leading up to a manhole. Crepsley grabbed me and shoved me up the ladder.

It was released in February , which meant I'd averaged almost 3 books each year since my first novel was released in February -- busy bunny! In fact, I would maintain that incredible level of output for the next 13 years, releasing 49 books if you include Koyasan and Hagurosan by the end of KIllers got to 1 in Ireland and spent 5 weeks there, which was amazing.

Even more amazing was the performance of book 7, Hunters of the Dawn, which went on sale in Japan around this time, and went to 1 on the overall bestseller chart including adult books. While I was pretty popular among children's readers in the West by this stage, I was a bona fide literary phenomenon out in Japan as well as Taiwan and some other countries in the Far East. It was a strange double life, but one that I enjoyed immensely -- I got to experience all the fun bits of huge sales and overnight fame, but without it impacting on my day to day life at home in the slightest.

In the UK, I could sense the tide turning and more and more people were becoming aware of my work -- although it didn't trouble the top levels of the children's bestsellers chart in the UK, Killers spent five weeks in the top 20, which was a big step forward, and a sign that the masses in the west were slowly starting to wake up to what the hordes of Shansters in the east already knew -- that these books were GOOD!!

Some readers on my message board compared the structure of the Saga to Star Wars. I was thinking about those movies when writing the books, and though I wouldn't say they were a huge influence, I definitely did pay homage to them with the "May the luck of the vampires be with you" line!!!

I actually had to write most of book 9 twice! I was doing the first draft not long before book 1 was released. Yes, I was that far ahead of schedule! Though I would spend the next few years editing it. I had most of it written, maybe pages or so the books normally came out at around the page mark on my PC -- when my computer crashed.

Author Notes:

Once I had it fixed, and checked my back-up copy, I realized I hadn't been as cautious as I should have been -- and only had something like the first 20 pages saved to disc! Rather than get depressed about it, I just accepted that it was my fault and resigned myself to having to do an almost total rewrite.

I was about to go on holiday to Sinai -- my first trip abroad since I was a teenager , so I left the book until I returned, then sat down and wrote it all again. I have to say it was for the best -- since I'd already written most of it, I knew where the problem areas were, so I was able to do a very strong new first draft, probably the closest to the final version of any of my books.

These days I backup at the end of every few writing sessions -- something I recommend ALL writers should do, since you never know when that fatal crash is going to happen! I loved the idea of setting the action of this book within the space of 24 hours -- it allowed me to crank up the pace and have everything happen really quickly. I used a similarly fast style in Lord Loss, the first draft of which I wrote not long after writing book 9, and then again in my Zom-B books many years later. And now for the heartbreaking stuff I knew far in advance that Mr Crepsley was going to bite the bullet in this one, so that actually wasn't a hard scene for me to write, though my stomach did clench a bit when I was doing his final speech as it did every time I read through it when editing.

Whereas it came as a shock to the vast majority of readers, I'd made my peace with his passing back around the time of the second or third book.Forever I will be in woe for the death of such a brilliant characters, however, I can not say to stop reading this series. Rowling 's do, they still come to life in that way that you root for them, suffer with them and feel yourself drawn to them in the way only a good author can do.

I may need some time to recoup before diving into the last three books. No trivia or quizzes yet. There is a battle between the Vampaneze and the vampires, and soon they face the Vampaneze Lord.

Killers of the Dawn

To avoid spoiling I will only say someone I just finished reading this book yesterday and what a twist for horrors it was. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

The Lake of Souls Darren Shan. The plot is fast paced and t After the betrayal at the hands of his once best friend, Darren Shan finds himself in boiling water. I think this may be the book I love the most in the series so far, but also the one I hate the most.

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