Hardware version: MASCHINE MIKRO MK2. Special thanks to the Beta Test Team, who were invaluable not just in tracking down bugs, but in making this a. of your controller's manual for more in- depth information. Control Reference. Basic Operation. MASCHINE MIKRO MK2 - Hardware Control Reference - 7. The MASCHINE Manual provides you with a comprehensive description of all on this, please refer to the Controller Editor Manual available as a PDF file in the .

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DOWNLOAD MASCHINE MIDI PRESETS FOR EXTERNAL DEVICES DOWNLOAD USER MANUAL SOFTWARE MASCHINE MIKRO MK3 QUICKSTART. View and Download Maschine Mikro user manual online. Mikro Controller pdf manual download. The MASCHINE MIKRO Reference Manual provides you with a detailed please refer to the Controller Editor Reference Manual available as a PDF file in the.

But what the screens bring to the table far outweighs this. Likewise, the chunky Mod and Pitch wheels might not look as neat as the previous touch strips, but the feel and playability are superior.

A notable design improvement is to the Light Guides. These are the multi-colour lights used to great effect by many NKS format patches to show zones, sample switches, even step sequences, and are used in Scale and Chords modes. On the MkII, the lights have been significantly narrowed, and somehow this makes it much easier to see which light belongs to which key. The keys themselves are just lovely to play.

The Komplete Kontrol 2 is currently available in and note versions. This feature has moved from the separate editor app to Komplete Kontrol, and has temporarily lost the ability to make key zones. When we reviewed the first Komplete Kontrol, Komplete really did mean Komplete.

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Since then many other plug-in developers have embraced the NKS format, meaning they get tailored control mapping and inclusion in the KKS and Maschine browsers. Non-NKS plug-ins can also now be added in Komplete Kontrol and benefit from auto-mapped control assignments, but you can only add them via the software interface.

There are arpeggiator, scales and chords modes, all of which interact with each other. Like Push, only functions that are currently available are lit via the backlit legending on the buttons. The buttons above the screens select tracks, and also serve as Mute and Solo buttons when combined with the appropriate modifier button.

Alternatively, you can use the directional encoder to control the mixer with one hand. Left and right selects through the tracks, and turning adjusts the level.

In fact, Maschine 3 and Jam both have scripts and templates that do an excellent job of this in Live, so it would be nice to see the same on the keyboard. In any case, much of this could be done inside Maschine, which the KKS can now control.

Alternatives Competition is only getting hotter for Maschine, with new MPCs, Elektron devices, the excellent newcomer Beatmaker 3 for iPad, and of course Live, all of which are great in different circumstances.

For me it boils down to really specific details between Push 2 and Maschine. Live has real-time performance capture from the Session view to the timeline; about the best equivalent in Maschine is recording its audio outputs. However, Maschine gives you full timeline editing and arrangement on the hardware, which is impossible on Push.

Touch sensitivity is always great for giving you take-over control of automated parameters, but NI have done something even more useful with them. Likewise, when you touch the pots that select from within sound categories you immediately see their associated tag cloud on the screen. NI have extended their NKS patch format to include short audio snippets that demonstrate each patch, allowing you to quickly evaluate sounds without loading the source instruments.

Third-party libraries will be able to add their own previews too. Studio Line A common question from potential Maschine 3 downloaders has been about the fate of the rest of the Maschine range, especially the Studio. Think past the obvious Try not to use Maschine for just one thing; try to use it in as many different ways as you can. It's an instrument, so don't lose sight of that. However, don't feel like you have to use it on everything for the sake of it.

A case in point If you regularly take your Maschine hardware on the road, get a case. The unit is tough, but it's not indestructible.

Controller Editor Ableton Live 9.1 Maschine Template Manual English.pdf

After all, nobody likes having a broken knob, do they? Save first, experiment later When you're creating glitches and patterns with Maschine as a plug-in, render your best results as audio right away, before you keep making edits. This way, you won't ever lose your first idea, plus you can re-import the rendered version and mess with it some more! Hip-hop inspiration Nothing beats taking a sample from an old track and spanning it across the pads, then playing your own melody with the snippets.

This classic hip-hop trick has never been so easy to pull off, so have a go yourself! Length matters Whatever you're sampling, always try playing with the lengths. Maschine is meant to be a performance instrument, so make sure you treat it like one - the length of a sample can really affect its swing and feel.

Once you have a pattern down, play with the length of that, too. We love that old-school vibe of chopping samples off dead with the Length dial. One-shot to win Always experiment with switching One-shot on and off.


With it off, you can make and automate changes using the ADSR envelopes. Try messing with this while you have a beat up and running so that you can hear the effect on different pads - you might find that you want to set each up differently.

So, try loading a soft synth inside Maschine as a plug-in, then play it with the pads, apply auto-quantise, insert effects and whatever else you fancy. The way you play the synth might be very different, providing new inspiration. Truncate terror Be careful of the Truncate button when you are editing a sample - it completely ditches the unused audio either side!

We aren't dealing with a wave editor here, where you can undo time right back to the second before you became a little too happy with the trim command. We've often truncated one slice of a phrase, worked on it, got it just right and then realised we actually wanted the whole thing. You can undo if you add it to the wrong module, but it's a pain in the backside, and we find it ruins our vibe!If you press the encoder while turning.

Ableton Live 9.1 MASCHINE Template Manual English

Ni maschine manual german pdf. How the buttons work depends on the current mode you are in. The controller is always in one of these modes and you can switch between them. To modify the values in finer steps.

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