THE ELEPHANT MAN by. Christopher De Vore. Eric Bergren. David Lynch. Based on The Elephant Man,. A Study in Human Dignity by. Ashley Montagu. THE ELEPHANT MAN THIS COPY OF THE BOOK IS JUST FOR STUDY USE. PLEASE download THE ORIGINAL ONE. ESTA COPIA DEL LIBRO. The Elephant Man was produced on Broadway at The Booth. Theatre, on April 22 , ; with the following cast: . –18go. London. One scene is in.

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The Terrible Tale of of the Elephant Man and Jack the Ripper, Two Freaks of . However, before Barker is able to present the Elephant Man, a. One day, outside a shop near the hospital he works in, Dr Frederick Treves sees an advertisement about an ugly man who looks like an elephant. He pays to. The Elephant Man was suggested by the life of John Merrick, known Elephant Man and Other Reminiscences, Cassell and Co. Ltd., This account is.

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He forces Merrick to wear his hood due to the fact that he views John as retarded. Treves completes his medical inquiry and returns Merrick home.

However, Mr. Bytes abuses him causing Treves to rescue him back to the hospital. Mothershead cares fro Mr.

A Life in Medicine: A Literary Anthology

Merrick at the hospital since all the other nurses fear him. Trees insist that the can prove progress by training Merrick to recite sentences. Merck tells the doctors that he knows how to read, and had memorised the twenty third Psalm because he favours it. In addition, it contains aspects which can help us critically examine the limits and overall plausibility of a Kantian ethical framework.

Finally, it is a terrific film that most students have not yet had the opportunity to see, so introducing them to it offers the possibility of both aesthetic and moral enrichment. This transformation occurs primarily through the efforts of Doctor Frederick Treves, who rescues Merrick from an exploitative barker and provides him with a more humane home within his hospital.

Book Club ed.

In the course of the narrative, Merrick overcomes many setbacks and eventually achieves a relatively happy and fulfilling life, but no cure for his condition is possible and his health continues to decline.

The film is based on the real-life story of Joseph Merrick, who lived from to Directed by David Lynch, it was only his second film the first being the avant-garde milestone Eraserhead, which came out in Lynch managed to go from that surreal cinematic experiment to directing an all-star Hollywood melodrama because Mel Brooks liked Eraserhead and was willing to give Lynch the chance to make a bigger and more mainstream film.

We should be thankful he did, as The Elephant Man is a remarkably beautiful and emotionally powerful film. Yet the film is Kantian in spirit is several interconnected ways, some of them obvious and some more subtle.

Ends in themselves Now I say that the human being and in general every rational being exists as an end in itself, not merely as a means to be used by this or that will at its discretion; instead he must in all his actions, whether directed to himself or also to other rational beings, always be regarded at the same time as an end. Groundwork, , p.


Though Kant did not use these terms, his moral theory went a long way to explaining the wrongness of exploitation and objectification. The Elephant Man offers us a moving tale of exploitation.

John Merrick John Hurt is clearly exploited by the obvious villains of the film by Bytes the carnival barker, and by the night porter but the movie also raises the question of whether he is equally exploited by those who appear to do good. Both are similarly theatrical, involving curtains and spotlights, and both clearly involve the presentation of Merrick as an object to be studied rather than a man to be respected.

As the film progresses, this theme recurs.

Towards its end, we see Merrick attend the theater for the very first time, and no doubt we are supposed to share his joy at finally 4 being able to witness this spectacle.

At the same time, though, the camera lingers over the moment in which Merrick is introduced to the audience and it is quite clear that he has become the spectacle: their applause gives a bittersweet feeling to the whole sequence. Several other sequences which touch on the theme of exploitation are worth mentioning.

Merrick into a curiosity all over again. In particular, the film offers up a thoughtful consideration of how a doctor might inadvertently end up exploiting a patient.

At first I felt interested, then I felt angry, then afraid. It was a horrible, ugly picture. There was a man in the picture, One day, Dr Treves saw a picture in a shop near the hospital. The Elephant Man but he did not look like you and me.

He did not look like a man. He looked like an elephant.

Tread the writing under the picture. It said: Come in and see the Elephant Man. Two pence. I opened the door and went in.He will then know, when it is too late, that my symptoms were genuine enough.

The Elephant Man – адаптированная книга (Oxford Bookworms Library, stage 1)

He wore a long black coat, too. Now, as I gazed upwards, I noticed to my expressionless horror a small round patch of red appear on the white ceiling.

He could read about things, and talk to his visitors,but he could not go out of the hospital by himself. Treves completes his medical inquiry and returns Merrick home. The present was a picture of Queen Alexandra, with her nameon it.

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