The River and the Source book. Read 42 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. In , this novel won both the Jomo Kenyatta Literature . The River and the Source (): Margaret A. Ogola: Books. Editorial Reviews. Review. In , The River and the Source won the Jomo Kenyatta Prize for Literature and the Commonwealth Writer's Prize, Best First Book.

The River And The Source Book

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In , this novel won both the Jomo Kenyatta Literature Prize, and the Commonwealth Writers Prize Best First Book in the Africa Region. Now reprinted, it. Discuss the advantages of polygamy basing your illustration on the book The River and the source; Do you think Akoko was right to confront. The River and the Source has been on the KCSE syllabus as a set book for many years, and it won the Commonwealth Writers' Prize for.

If one did not have any prior information regarding the Kenyan liberation movement, you would be left to think that it was just a Kikuyu battle.

It was a refreshing read in the sense that you somehow have a glimpse into the how some individuals were really drawn to the Western culture, the impact of those choices onto the generations to come The speed at which this assimilation happened is disturbingly fast. Its is strangely true as this story reflects the reality of many African families I know. For that it is real and in that regard the writer presented a reality which made the book worth the read.

Personally, the fact that this book was written by an African Woman makes it worth the read.

From pre colonial- colonial- post colonial, the writer engages us with transition this great family goes through without even realizing. Fun reading since I'm familiar with the culture and location of the region.

One person found this helpful. I just finished this book - just finding a copy required an inter-library loan from across the state.

It was well worth the effort, and now I find myself looking for copies to download and provide to friends and family. It follws her and her family through the colonial years, shows the family's conversion to Christianity, and follows the family for several generations to the present. The family continues to draw strength from their memories and stories of the matriarch, and from their faith in God. There is a powerful strong Christian message in this book; what made it most interesting for me is how it ties that faith together with African culture.

It will stick in my memory for years to come. I haven't read anything quite like it. Strongly recommended. site Edition Verified download. This book is very well written. I really like her characterization, the choice of words and her smooth blend of the traditional and the modern. The plot is so delicately interwoven that the feminist story emerges neatly right from the traditional set up flowing through the modern story, without any clash of the cultures Wanjiku Ngunjiri, Nairobi, Kenya.

I love this book.

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It was my literature text when in high school and I still read it every year. It explains the traditions and taboos of the luo tribe and also the coming of our colonizers the British, and how it affected our traditions. I highly recommend it. Great book. Love the book See all 15 reviews. site Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

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Get fast, free shipping with site Prime. Back to top. Get to Know Us. site Payment Products. Jun 29, Amufwa Ndalo rated it really liked it. I loved the way Margaret is able to show and explain how Kenya used to during the "colonial era".

She is also able to potray chauvenism in the traditonal society which is kind sad for the girl child. The only problem with the book is that Margaret thinks the only way to make it is through science from the proffesions her charactors do.

Anyway the way she potrays family relationship between Akoko and her brother is so amazing. Sep 21, Lbsantini rated it liked it. I really liked part one of this novel, getting to know the powerful Akoko and her life. However, as the story progressed, I felt it was more an annotated family tree. Readers are rushed through four generations in pages. To know this family, I would have appreciated a narrower focus or a longer text.

Mar 05, Deb Hankens rated it liked it. In a time of woman power, this is an interesting read about 20th century Kenya and how it went from isolated tribal villages to a country in touch with the world through the lives of three women: Aug 21, Teri rated it really liked it.

One of my favourite works by an African author, lacking the overpopulation of depressing colonial imagery.

Feb 26, Daniel rated it it was amazing. This is real And gives a vivid description of the Luo community. Mar 08, Sandi rated it liked it. Read this in a afternoon and Iliked iit.

Dec 07, Khristina Moraa rated it liked it. Jan 23, Michael rated it really liked it Shelves: The setting of the story is in Kenya, with the use of language and thematic concerns showing a deep appreciation of the Luo Culture.

Moreover, the themes addressed in the story are applicable to the general African context. Her feminist approach to writing does not look down at men in society, for the elevation of wom The setting of the story is in Kenya, with the use of language and thematic concerns showing a deep appreciation of the Luo Culture.

She steers clear of showing competition between men and women in African societies, and gives the idea that all can work together for mutual benefits. Aug 17, Miss Mugambi rated it it was amazing. Its a very intresting story particularly about the luo culture but what i like about the story most escpecially from Akoko is that women are people of power and we can decide for ourselves what kind of life we want ahead of us and touch the life of others and be their inspiration in an indirect manner.

Dec 30, Mbogo J rated it liked it. It has its good bits but its character development is wanting, aside from Akoko and a few characters, the rest are given like three sentences worth of a description and to make matters worse the book has like '' characters.

Jun 05, Hardcorekancil rated it it was ok Shelves: The first part of the story captivated my attention, as the intrigue unfolds in a traditional Luo setting. However, parts 2 and 3 did not live up to the expectations set by the beginning of the novel. Something was clearly lost in the flash-forward. View 2 comments. Oct 18, Nje rated it really liked it. I last read this book more than 11 years ago. It was the perfect school lit for kenyan secondary school. I just know that for the young girls in Kenya, this book represented our hope and our future as strong black women.

I would read it again if I got it in my hands. Nov 07, Caleb Bett rated it it was amazing. Such a great read.

Mar 05, Melanee rated it liked it. It was a warm story displaying the importance of family over the generations. I found myself more intrigued by the words of wisdom passed down through the years. I'm sure my kids will be hearing a few of them. Apr 29, Wahu rated it it was amazing. I read this back in high school, and recently found it again, and re-read. It's a wonderful book, and i'll probably be reading it a third, and fourth time.

Sep 29, Valerie Ndombi added it. A journey through generations and the ever changing way of life. Mar 10, Margreat Karaya added it. Please merge these editions 2 13 Feb 03, Readers also enjoyed. About Margaret A. Margaret A.

Everyone wanted to see the beauty that had attracted such a huge bride price. Counting began and nine months after her arrival, she gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. The child was named Obura.

The River and the Source

She would later get another child, a girl and they named her Nyabera. Akoko was not giving birth as was expected of her.

Her mother-in-law, maro, was so agitated. The chief too had remained with one wife, a thing unheard of. Whispers flew in the air. Several pleas had gone unheard as the council of jodongo appealed to the chief to have another wife. This worried the maro who even accused Akoko for having cast a spell on her son.

She claimed that her son was not marrying maybe due to the spell. Akoko was not pleased with accusations leveled against her by her maro. She kept silent and gathered her courage. The following morning she wailed attracting the attention of several people who came rushing.

The River And The Source – Margaret Ogola [Review]

She gave a passionate speech and thereafter left back to her paternal home. Being accused of witchcraft juok was grave and no community among this people took it lightly. The people of Yimbo were not pleased with it. When the people of Sakwa came calling, they were received coldly.

Akoko was called and she repeated her version of the story.

Owuor was also summoned and he told his own story. The elders advised them both and cautioned Akoko about her quick anger. There was appeasement where a goat was to be given by the people of Sakwa to the Maro. Help me this quiz: Women have faced many injustices since time imnemorial. Identify the injustices fron the river and the source. Check for the answer here: Please provide the full analysis from chapter 6 to 12 of part 1…. Keep up! Margaret A ogola distinguished between Veronica and Becky.

Nice job and we are much grateful to you. It has aided my brain capacity by reading it more and more to gain something about life experiences and how it has been from the past. Am much eager to read the whole text please may you provide me with other missing chapters kindly.

Continue with your spirit and always GOD will support you. Awesome work it has helped me understand the novel more easily making it more enjoyable to read, keep it up. It is very nice,thank you very much for tirelessly working on the novel. In Lenana sch. Wr rally behind you,. Thanks 4 your effort. Please also shed light as to why the main character pass on b4 the story line ends.

I thing we get to understand in the first it was not good in family to rung without girl child where by I get to learn the role of women is to give birth. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

The River and the Source Summary Notes

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. The naming ceremony.His coming was full of Nyadhi great style. Of her first novel, Ogola says: "The inspiration for this book came from my mother who handed down to me the wisdom and lives of her own mother and grandmother.

Last year, I was finally able to visit Kit-Mikayi, and I could still recall Mark Anthony Oloo Sigu's description of his homeland Seme, and was awed by the magnificence of the huge rocks. Elizabeth eventually gets married after her teacher training to Mark Sigu who was an ex-soldier. Trivia About The River and the Set up a giveaway. All the children she gives birth to die from one ailment or another. See all 11 questions about The River and the Source….

They were not abusive drunks or sexually abusive assholes.

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