amidst the vibrant hotbed of music and culture that was the early seventies. Slash spent his adolescence Slash. Pages·· MB· Considering guide Slash By Anthony Slash;Bozza to read is also required. You can select guide based upon the preferred themes that you like. It will certainly. Co-written by Anthony Bozza, Slash reveals untold stories from his point of view. Slash Autobiography (PDF) Arts And Entertainment, Memoirs, Books To Read .

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anthony bozza is the author of four new york, slash the autobiography ebook by independent on sunday, slash the autobiography pdf s3 siteaws com -. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Wonderfully frank.” Review. 'Brilliant stuff' **** News of the World Anthony Bozza Slash: The Autobiography site Edition. by. Anthony Bozza is the author of four New York Times Bestsellers, including Whatever You Say I Am: The Life and Times of Eminem,. Slash.

Slash was on a constant rollercoaster of being on and off drugs and would jump from one vice to another. This is a main focus of the book as it was a main problem of his whole life. The constant drugged out stories and then quitting and then back on drugs again did get old after awhile and a little tiresome.

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And I am sure it did for the people involved, but the stories about the band is what saves the book and kept my interest. The creation of the band and all the moving players was really interesting.

I loved the parts on the songwriting, the album recordings and all the touring…lots and lots of touring. Slash hung in as long as he could, but eventually he left and so did everyone else.

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Sadly, the book is from 10 years ago so no stories on the eventual reunion partial as not all members are there. It is about his personal life as well including his many relationships which are all interesting and his personal health issues related to his addictions a funny story on his defibrillator.

You get a true understanding of Slash as a person and how if left to his own devices, he is extremely self-destructive.

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The man had another addiction that is unique. He loved his reptiles and most especially snakes. Snakes, Snakes and lots of Snakes. He kept hundreds and some were very dangerous.

He lived the lifestyle. The Velvet Revolver stories were really interesting for me as my brother-in-law Ryan was involved during that time period.

Slash tells the story of how difficult and how long it took to find a lead singer. Uh, what? There are also a lot of pages mostly taken up by large, bold quotations that seem to be selected from the text to pump up or titillate thirteen-year-old boys, but were there thirteen-year-old boys in who had even heard of Slash?

I feel like I'm way more the demographic. A sampling of the giant bold excerpts: "The act of shooting up always turned me on"; "I was pissed off at myself for having died"; "The sight of a guitar still turns me on"; "There was no way in hell that I was going to county with fingernail polish on"; "I could feel it in my loins that she was having a hard look" [okay, that last one is pretty awesome, not just because of the use of the word "loins" but because the "she" is Elizabeth Taylor.

This would be way less of an issue if he'd gone with an actual ghost, rather than a music journalist who shared the writing credit, because then I could've indulged the conceit that Slash actually somehow wrote the thing by himself.

As it is, I guess I had unrealistic expectations and was distracted by being sad because this book could've been so much better than it was. I'm in no position to complain that there's only one dismissive paragraph about what Slash sees as the non-issue of being a half-black rock guitarist, though I would've loved to have had him give his take on the infamously racist "One in a Million" lyrics, and at least a couple more details on what's summarized just as "a fight" with the guy from W.

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Anthony Bozza – Slash

Want to hear all the details? Too bad, you're going to! And then most of the anecdotes that seem like they should be good aren't told very well and come off weirdly flat, like the one in which teenage Slash sneaks into an LA club dressed up by his mom? Isn't this the whole point of hiring a writer to write the book for you, to make all these random stories good?

HOWEVER I guess in spite of all my complaining this Anthony Bozza person must've done a good job after all, because I read the entire book even though I hadn't meant to when I decided to open the mildewing copy I'd found in a box on the street. I skipped his childhood to get to the important part and planned to stop reading after Guns 'n' Roses broke up, but I got kinda attached to the guy so I kept going until the end and then went back and then went back read the part that I skipped.

Slash Autobiography (PDF)

Sometimes I don't wear the hat. It makes me laugh that some people think I always wear the hat, because obviously I don't wear the hat all the time.

What about when I sleep or take a shower? I don't wear the hat then. Also, I don't wear the hat to go to Millets. Interview with Rock Guitar Player Magazine, The guitar players that inspire me today are basically all the same guitar players that inspired me when I first started.

An Interview With Slash. Epiphone September 14, Notes and chords have become my second language and, more often than not, that vocabulary expresses what I feel when language fails me.

Slash Bozza

There was no concern for the proper poses or goofy choruses that might spell pop-chart success; which ultimately guaranteed endless hot chicks.School was never important, but even less so when he started playing guitar. The guitar players that inspire me today are basically all the same guitar players that inspired me when I first started.

Sandeep Khare and Salil Kulkarni Poems This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. Too bad, you're going to!

This is a window onto the world of the notoriously private guitarist and a seat on the roller-coaster ride that was one of history's greatest rock 'n' roll machines, always on the edge of self-destruction, even at the pinnacle of its success.

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